Do You Struggle To Price Your Portrait Packages
So That You’re Earning The Money You Deserve
Without Scaring Away Potential Clients?!?

Do you want to set your prices high enough to make money to support yourself as a portrait photographer AND still be able to fill your calendar with bookings? You shouldn’t have to choose.

With the right pricing and packages, you can start earning the type of income you’ve only dreamed was possible, without driving away potential clients because shooting with you is too expensive.

Pick up your copy of Profitable Pricing & Packages for Portrait Photographers right now to get started… or read on if you want to learn exactly how I do it!

Give Me My Copy!
I want to learn more...
Hey Friends,

I’m Molly Marie, and today I want to talk to you a little about the topic that makes most photographers squirm:

How much do you charge for your portrait services and packages?

I used to cringe whenever I had to give out my pricing. I used to agonize over the numbers…

Was I charging too much? Would I scare away a potential client because my numbers were too high?

Was I charging too little? Was I missing out on income opportunities because my numbers were too low?

Raise your hand if you find yourself thinking these same thoughts!

Do you ever feel your confidence *WHOOSH* fly out the door when you have to give out your pricing? You are not alone.

Today, let me tell you a little secret about pricing that I’ve learned as a photographer over the past decade… and stay with me because you might not want to believe this at first… but…

Great Pricing That Reels In Clients Has
To Do With The Actual Numbers

Let me explain…

When I first started shooting portraits… there was no way I was making 6 figures (like I do now).

I was so completely timid about my pricing and packages that I barely broken even. I didn't have any confidence at all!

Have you ever been in that completely agonizing situation of wondering how you are going to pay bills, because your bank account might as well have tumbleweeds blowing through it?

As a brand new photographer, I had no idea what to charge, and I was nervous that everyone who saw my prices would scoff and even get angry with me. I was worried that no one would book, so I made my prices as low as possible...(MISTAKE #1)

And I readjusted them for every client… (MISTAKE #2)

And I gave discounts when I had a client who wouldn’t immediately book with me… (MISTAKE #3... and I could unfortunately keep going...)

What I didn’t know then, that I do now is…. your actual prices don’t really matter!

Believe it or not, it isn’t about convincing clients to pay your prices… it’s about showing them that they are getting a great value!

This works whether you are charging $500 or $5000 or $50,000!

It’s Time To Stop Selling Yourself Short!
I want you to imagine for a moment that you are at the mall with your best friend and you see two shoe stores.

One is a budget shoe store with generic sneakers and flip flops. The other is a high-end store selling mostly heels.

You go into the high-end store, because you’re looking for a great pair of pumps to wear to an upcoming wedding. Your friend goes into the budget store, because she’s looking for some flats to wear around town while running errands. 

After 30 minutes or so, you reconvene in the food court, but happily swinging a shopping bag with your new purchases.

In your bag: a pair of gorgeous shoes that were $250. You normally would not spend that kind of money on yourself, but they are comfortable, versatile black heels that you can not only wear to that wedding, but also to other events.

In your friend’s bag: a pair of $25 tennis shoes. They aren’t the prettiest in the world, but they will get the job done, and hey, they were on sale!

You both leave the mall feeling like you got a great deal.

So how is it that you spent 10x more on shoes than your friend, but you are still happy?

It’s about value. You both came home after a day of shopping with shoes that were a perfect match to your needs.

My friend, you are not a cheap, ugly pair of tennis shoes. You are a spectacular, gorgeous pair of heels.

You need to stop selling yourself short and start setting your prices to reflect your true value! When I first started, I was charging a random price every time I booked a shoot.

Then, I switched to consistent pricing and immediately started making an average of $600 per shoot, a far cry from my previous average of just $200!Today… I average $3,000 per shoot, and my business brings in 6-figures annually.

I never dreamed it was possible… but with the right pricing and packages, this is 100% possible for every portrait photographer out there.

It does not matter how experienced you are. It does not matter how if you live in a lower-income or rural area. It does not even matter if you have your own studio or not!

If you follow along with my plan, you’re going to be able to put together a price sheet with packages that your clients can’t wait to buy…

AND… here’s the best part… your business grows, you’re going to be able to consistently raise your prices without having to worry about finding clients.

“How Does That Talentless *Hack*
Down The StreetMake More Money Than Me
And Stay Booked All Year Long?!?”

Does it feel like you work, work, work and never get anywhere?

Sometimes, it can feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, running as fast as you can, but never able to really get ahead.

I remember feeling like I had to compete with this other studio’s budget pricing. When I first started, I kept my prices really, really low because I thought that if I didn’t, all the business would go there instead.

What I didn’t realize is that my ideal client doesn't want to book with anyone else.

Remember, it is not about the number printed on the paper! It is about making your clients feel like they are getting incredible value for their money.

In other words… you do not need to compete with budget photographers in your area.

In fact, doing so could hurt your business!

If you price yourself really low, people assume the quality of your work is low, so the only clients you’ll get are people who can’t afford anyone else.

But if you price yourself correctly…

People will automatically assume that you have a lot of talent and are able to give them a quality end product.

If I showed you two restaurant menus, and one had meals that averaged $10 per plate and the other had meals that averaged $50 per plate, which would you assume had the better food?

In real life, more expensive doesn’t always mean better… but that’s the first impression you get.

Once you learn to stop competing and to start pricing yourself based on your ideal client and your own value, that’s when you are going to see results!

I know… because that’s exactly what happened to me.

That budget photographer I talked about is probably still putting out crappy work, and his schedules is probably still booked solid with cheap clients who can’t afford anything else and who don’t know better.

But I couldn’t care less.

Because now that I’m pricing myself correctly, my schedules is booked solid too.

I want to teach you how to set your own pricing, just like I did, so that competition doesn’t matter at all!

Learn How To Set Your Prices…
My Complete Step-By-Step Process...
In My Brand New Ebook...
Profitable Pricing & Packages
for Portrait Photographers

You guys, I am so excited that this ebook is finally available!

I put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into creating this for you, and I can’t wait for you to dive in!

This is really exciting, because as long as you follow along, you’re going to finish with a pricing sheet that is perfect for your business.

I’m going to take all of the guesswork out of it…

No more wondering if you got it right or not!

In Profitable Pricing & Packages for Portrait Photographers, I’m going to teach you...

• How to set realistic monthly and yearly income goals that you can meet (even if you’re currently struggling to make ends meet)

• What packages you should be offering to get your clients really excited about buying

• What you should be offering a la carte (and how to do it to maximize profits and make your clients super happy)

• Exactly when to show your pricing for clients so they get excited to orderyour biggest packages

• Where to display your prices to get big sales (trust me, you want to do this - you’re going to be really proud of these prices, and your clients want to see them)

...And this is just scratching the surface!

My goal with Profitable Pricing & Packages for Portrait Photographers is to answer every single pricing question you might have so you end up with a price list that works for you.

No more selling yourself short, and no more feeling worried that your pricing isn’t right.

Ready to get started? Step one is to download your copy of Profitable Pricing & Packages for Portrait Photographers!

Act Now To Get My BONUS
Profitable Pricing & Products Spreadsheet

My ebook is going to teach you everything you need to know about profitable pricing and products…

But the numbers can get a little confusing sometimes. I am seriously not a fan of math, and I’m guessing that you probably aren’t either!

So what I’ve done is painstakingly put together a pricing spreadsheet to go along with this ebook.

All you have to do is punch in your own goals/numbers and it does the work for you.

I used to map out my pricing plan by hand every time I wanted to raise my rates. Now, I just plug in a few numbers and BOOM! The work is done for me. It takes about 3 minutes, instead of taking 3+ hours.

This spreadsheet is my free bonus gift to you, just for picking up a copy of Profitable Pricing & Products for Portrait Photographers.

“By A Portrait Photographer,
For Portrait Photographers!”

Let’s address the elephant in the room…

You can find lots of other pricing guides for photographers out there. So what makes Profitable Pricing & Packages for Portrait Photographers different?

Why should you invest your money in my guide?

Simply put, this is advice straight from a portrait photographer. I’ve been doing this for nearly a decade, and over that time, I’ve tested out what works and what doesn’t work. My business has been the guinea pig for you.

Wouldn’t you like to skip over the testing part with your own business and move right on to the “making money” part?

Testing what works and what doesn’t usually takes several years and costs potentially thousands of dollars. Most of the other advice I see out there is really hit or miss. Will it actually work for a portrait photographer? Maybe yes… maybe no…

But you usually have to spend the time and money to find out the answer to that.


With Profitable Pricing & Products for Portrait Photographers, you have the peace of mind that these techniques were already put through the ringer by a portrait photographer just like you.

And now, my portrait photography business makes 6 figures annually!

Here's What Others Are Saying...

Profitable Pricing & Packages for Portrait Photographers is a BRAND NEW ebook, but I want you to feel completely comfortable in your purchase. When you buy a Boudie Shorts product, you’re getting high-quality, tested information that really works.

I've been giving other photographers pricing advice for years Check out what people are saying about my other products:

“Molly helped me raise my sales x6 within the first week of implementing her pricing and tips. I truly can’t thank her enough!”
– Molly, Molly Silvernale Photography, Wisconsin

"Hi Molly! I wanted to give you a HUGE thank you for you tips, advice & templates. This last month I have made as much as I did ALL last year and with only a handful of clients."
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- Rich Dodge Photography, New York

"I just made my first $900 sale from a bridal boudoir. I can't believe how much I was doing things wrong before!!!"
- Anel Lestage, Whimsy Candids,

As the testimonials start rolling in for Profitable Pricing & Packages for Portrait Photographers, I’ll add them to this page… But you can rest assured that this isn’t a short little ebook filled with fluff.

I just don’t sell that kind of thing. Period.

(It actually makes me mad when I see that kind of thing on the market, because I’ve certainly wasted my money on stuff like that in the past!)

*Due to the immediate download nature of this product, we have a strict no refund policy.​​​​​​​


In one word, YES!

If you use my step-by-step process to create and present your pricing, you're going to see awesome results!

Believe me, I know pricing is frustrating.  This ebook is going to walk you through it, even if you are brand new.  And if your pricing is already pretty good, rest assured that you are going to get some great tips in this ebook to take you to the next level!

I’m so confident that you’re going to see results that I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee with Profitable Pricing & Packages for Portrait Photographers.

If you try it and it's not for you, just email me.  I'll give you a full refund.

If any of these statements apply to you:

*I'm not 100% sure I know how to price my photography to make money

*I've been working hard at my photography business for years but it's not profitable yet, or at least the money doesn't feel equal to the work I'm putting in.  What am I doing wrong?

*My photography biz is working, but only because I'm working an insane amount of hours and missing time with my friends and family.  I'm profitable, but I'm also exhausted!  Will I ever be able to shoot less but make more?

*I want to increase my prices but I'm afraid of being back at the beginning.  The photography market is so competitive.  How do I know I'll have clients if I increase my prices?